Solid State Institute

Our research group is dedicated to developing next-generation materials for advanced photonics and energy applications. By understanding structure-property relationship of Nanomaterials, we are driving transformative breakthroughs in human technology. We take a unique bottom-up approach, harnessing nature's thermodynamic and kinetic laws to create nanocrystals with structural atomic precision. We aim to push the boundaries of material design by controlling the nanocrystals' composition, shape and size. Ultimately introducing quantum effects for modifying the natural material properties with technological applications in mind.

The Vision

Our long-term vision is to create atomically designed nanocrystals that serve as technology enablers, surpassing the limits of current materials and methods. We envision a future where novel material properties, such as collective emission and self-healing material systems, drive technological advancements for the betterment of humanity. By fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and bridging the gap between fundamental science and practical applications, we are committed to accelerating the transition towards a cleaner, healthier, and technologically advanced future.

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Office: De Jour, 625
Central Lab:  Dalia-Maydan, 410
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Technion
Haifa 32000, Israel

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